The Absolute Best Motorcycle Security Products and Tips

Motorcycle theft is a growing problem, especially for vehicles like mopeds and scooters that can even be stolen in mere seconds.

This leads to a constant worry for your bike and gear when they’re in an unfamiliar place. And the last thing anyone wants is to be concerned about their motorcycle when they’re just out to get coffee or going grocery shopping.

As a result, to help put you at ease, I’ve compiled a list of some security products and tips to ensure your bike’s safety.

The best motorcycle security products include:

  • Disc locks;
  • GPS trackers;
  • Ground anchors;
  • Lockable chains;

Security Products Used To Protect Your Bike

Motorcycle Disc Locks

A motorcycle disc lock is a portable locking device that bolts quickly and easily into your brake disc, making it virtually impossible to move the bike without lifting the front wheel. They are the most common security measure you will find on motorcycles.

They’re often U-shaped to help slip over the disc, allowing a pin or key to be inserted into the rotor vent to lock them in place. This would restrict the wheel from turning through the wheel forks or brake caliper.

These types of locks are made from solid steel with a long and thin opening for the brake disc to slot into.

Motorcycle GPS Trackers

A motorcycle GPS tracker is a tiny unit usually hidden on your motorcycle that relays real time GPS coordinates to your phone, computer, or the local authorities.

These trackers are often stored in places where they’d be imperceptible. They can work independently or could be powered by your bike’s onboard power network.

Some models could even alert you when your motorcycle starts moving, and you can then share a live feed to the relevant authorities.

Ground Anchors and Chains

If you’re not fascinated by any tech-related products, you could always remain old-school and get a chain for your bike. This is convenient and cheap for places where you park your bike often.

Simple in concept, ground anchors work by drilling something solid into the ground near a frequent parking space. You can get a chain and attach it to your bike.

However, it’s worth indicating that you may want to wrap the chain around your front disc brake or engine. This way, thieves can’t just bypass security by detaching a tire or a similar component.

Tips to Protect Your Motorcycle

Besides security products, some habits are worth adopting if you want to keep your bike safe.

Avoid Being Flashy If Possible

This might be common knowledge. But, if you do not want your bike to get stolen, then it would not really be ideal to have it stand out in a crowd. Your goal should always be to blend in as much as possible while traveling.

It is not a sensible idea to roll into the sketchy parts of town with posh trinkets and glistening gear.

That being said, I want to clarify that you can still ride whatever bike you want. But just try to be smart about it. If you know your bike looks like it costs a lot, you shouldn’t try to go into areas with a high crime rate. And if you have no choice in the matter, just be sure to utilize a tracker, disc lock, or any high-quality similar product.

Taking Care Of Your Luggage

Some people like to leave their kit on their bikes. Though this may be fine for some areas, it’d always be wise to take your main bag with you during the night and leave only an unnecessary kit on your bike. You should also opt for a stainless-steel net that’s large enough to hold your bag to further ensure the safety of your possessions.

Cover Your Bike

Some people like to think of bike covers as invisibility cloaks. No matter how expensive your motorcycle is, with a cheap and large cover, it would just look like any other bike.

However, as strange as it may sound, you must keep the cover old, dirty, and tattered. And though it doesn’t make your bike invisible, it still helps keep the motorcycle out of sight from potential thieves. Especially when coupled with motorcycle security, this would help drastically decrease the likelihood of a robbery.

Marking Your Vehicle

Another way of ensuring your stolen bike or its constituent parts return to you is by marking the components with your vehicle registration, postcode, and VIN (vehicle identification number). This enables the origin of your motorcycle to be traced so it can be safely returned to you.

You need to remember that thieves would typically break your bike down so that parts can be sold across the black market. So if you mark everything, the motorcycle becomes more challenging to get rid of, untraced

Moreover, the process doesn’t even take that long. You can do it with something as simple as a UV pen from your local DIY store. Or you could even opt for a more advanced system, such as Alphadot, Smartwater, or something similar. The latter is an ideal deterrent, which is utilized by even the authorities.

Motorcycle Security Products Worth Buying

Following are a few security product picks worth checking out:

Kryptonite 000877 Keeper Disc Lock

The Kryptonite 000877 Keeper is a convenient and classic disc lock. It can immobilize the wheel and prevent vehicle movement while being easy to mount, safe, and durable.

Not to mention, the device is versatile and can fit on most scooters and motorcycles. It does this while remaining portable, compact, and lightweight. It’s even waterproof with a bright orange reminder cable to make sure you lock your bike.

Trimax T6455 Disc Lock

Another disc lock worth considering is the Trimax T645S. It’s reliable and capable of providing plenty of extra protection for your motorcycle while proving its durability. It’s hard to take off or break, making it handy for when you’re on the road.

The device is extra hardened against sewing, resist cutting, or similar attacks. And like the Kryptonite 000877, it’s brightly colored and visible. It comes with a carry pouch, three keys, and a reminder cable.

Vulcan Case-Hardened Security Chain

The Vulcan Case-Hardened security chain is a chain lock available in 5/16” and 3/8” thickness and is about 9’ long. It comes with a lock and chainset and 3 keys.

It’s even case-hardened and square-shaped, which is virtually impossible to cut with bolt cutters. The bolt cutters could break before they even dent the Vulcan.

Made from a one-piece brass body, the padlock doesn’t provide any opportunity for thieves to cut or grip any exposed shackles. And it even has an electro-galvanized finish, protecting the material against corrosion and rust while being enclosed in a Condura wear pad to prevent any scratching.

Spy Tec GPS GL300

If you’re considering GPS Trackers, the Spy Tec GPS GL300 is an ideal choice that contains everything you’d need to track your bike at a low price. It comes as a magnetic and waterproof case with a lifetime warranty. The location tracking it provides is real-time tracking visa GPS with a battery that can last up to 14 days.

Americaloc GL300W

Another alternative for GPS trackers could include the Americaloc GL300W. It’s a device that offers exceptional data storage with really customizable route tracking and history features. In fact, you can look at tracking data for as far back as a year. And the data would even be easily searchable by the type of activity and date, such as motion, exiting or entering geofences, location, instances when the speed limit was exceeded, and parking.

The Americaloc is efficient at dealing with geofences. You can have 100 unique boundaries simultaneously of any shape or size. And you’d be notified immediately through email, text message, or notification whenever the tracker leaves the set boundary.

As a result, besides security, these features can also make the bike great for navigation and tracking trips.

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